Fyrefit Studio Opening 2024

Fyrefit Studio Opening 2024

Heatwave COming SOon

Fyrefit Studio

Summer 2024

Fyrefit Studio is a unique luxury fitness studio opening in Downtown Los Angeles. We are a luxury wellness club providing a state-of-the-art facility and premium exclusive experience to our members. Sign up today to be ready for Grand Opening.

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Fyrefit Studio is a luxury fitness and wellness club opening in the heart of  Downtown Los Angeles. Our state-of-the-art 5,000sqft facility offers dedicated training areas, saunas, and wellness services creating an exclusive experience for our members. 


Fyrefit Studio at Metropolis.

Located in one of the newer upscale developments in DTLA. Fyrefit Studio shares the round-about driveway with the very popular, Hotel Indigo. Our fitness studio is nestled in the retail section of Metropolis.



Near Major HWY I-10 Freeway


Fyrefit Wellness Spa at Metropolis

Our premium wellness spa offers a tranquil environment for recovery and rejuvenation of your body and mind. Our services include Facials, IV Therapy, Cryo Therapy, and more.

Premium Experience

Exclusive Services

Embark on a journey to fitness excellence with our diverse range of classes designed to cater to every preference and fitness level.

Personalized Training

We offer personalized 1-on-1 and group training for and unmatched fitness experience.



Feel the burn as you peddle through exhilarating cycling challenges in our heat zone. Our classes are great for beginners and athletes.



Relax and detoxify your body while promoting tissue growth, and cell regeneration.



Stretch and get limber with our cool yoga experience.

Hiit Training

Hiit Training

Feel the intensity. Embrace the burn as our trainers push you to your max for the ultimate fitness experience.

Wellness Therapy

Wellness Therapy

Recover and recharge with our selection of wellness spa services. 


Frequently asked questions

What Is Fyrefit Studio?

Fyrefit Studio is a luxury fitness studio and wellness club that aims to revolutionize the fitness industry by providing a premium and exclusive experience to our members. 

We offer state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized private, small, and large group training, with several wellness services such as; IV drip, and cryo therapy.

With this unique combination and exceptional customer service, we created a highly sought-after health and wellness destination in one of the prime locations in Los Angeles, Metropolis.

When Does Fyrefit Studio Open?

Fyrefit Studio will open Summer 2024.

Do I Pay For Membership Now?

We are currently accepting Pre-Membership signup. Please check back on the Fyrefit Studio website periodically for membership announcements.

How Much Will Memberships Cost?

We offer a variety of membership packages. Be sure to visit us at the Grand Opening to speak to a membership specialist.

How Can I Become A Trainer?

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter detailing your training philosophy, certifications, and experience. We are currently accepting applications in anticipation of our Summer 2024 opening at the Metropolis in Downtown LA. Qualified coaches who reflect our premium brand will be invited to interview.  Please submit to info@fyrefit.com

Are you Hiring?

Fyrefit Studio will be looking to fill positions across multiple departments including:

Coaches – 2+ years experience, certified

Group Fitness Instructors – Specializing in yoga, pilates, boxing, cycling, barre, etc.

Estheticians – Skilled in facials, waxing, laser treatments

Front Desk Associates – Customer service background

Member Onboarding Staff – Help new members orient to facility

We are seeking candidates at all levels who can help deliver a welcoming, high-end experience across fitness, spa, and member services. 

Please check back on the Fyrefit Studio website periodically for membership announcements for open positions and application details. We look forward to meeting talented candidates excited to be a part of the Fyrefit Studio experience.

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